Sunday, February 21, 2010

it's been a long time

15 years ago today, I arrived in Hungary with my friend PJ. we came to Baja to help in the Calvary Chapel there. for both of us it was a 1 year commitment. had you asked me at that time how long I'll be in Hungary, I probably would have told you 1 year, maybe 2. today I'm celebrating 15 years of serving Jesus as a missionary / pastor here in Hungary. it's been an adventure, learning another language and culture. the best thing that has happened is that Jesus gave me the most amazing woman to be my wife & now blessed our home with a beautiful daughter.

what the next 15 years will bring, I have no idea, but whatever happens me & my house will follow Jesus. cause following Jesus is a journey, not an arrival.

to all those reading this, thank you. thank you for not forgetting about me in the past 15 years & thank you for joining with us as me & my family serve Jesus here in Szeged.

for Jesus' fame



  1. Well, we really hope the next 15 years will bring a lot of joy into our life with you here is Hungary.
    And we are greatful to God to help us get to know you and Odi.
    Give kissies to little Zara! ;)

  2. We are blessed and happy you stayed here! God bless You!

  3. I have to say my bro,
    after seeing many people come, serve and leave....its totally refreshing and encouraging to see you stick it out and die to self to give your whole life to the King! Keep on man, keep on pouring into His people, great is your reward!
    Love you bro!