Thursday, May 13, 2010

church building

as many of you know, we as a church have been praying about looking for a new church building as the place where we are now (and have been for the past 8 years) is just becoming to expensive for us. In March I told our landlord of the situation and we began negotiations about a decrease in rent. at first he agreed then wanted to change things up a little bit, which we weren't comfortable with, and then at the beginning of this month I told him that we are giving him 3 months notice and we're going to be leaving. Well, when he heard that, he immediately began to say that he doesn't want to lose us and that if it's going to help us stay there then he will decrease the rent if we sign a 6 month extension, which would take us to June 2011. after much prayer, thought and seeking new places, the elders & I agree that the best thing for us would be to stay where we're at and the money we save now during the summer to put it away for the winter when we have to heat.

so I'm glad we're staying cause we're "established" here, now we're just going to continue to trust our generous Lord to take care of all the needs of His church.


  1. Grats! I pray that God opens the door when the time is perfect for you to move. Until then, may He continue to soften the heart of the owner towards the church.

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