Monday, November 15, 2010

a big event

 for a while now I've been wanting to get the choir from Calvary Budapest to come to Szeged to preform a concert.  this summer I talked with the choir director, Mark Zeeman, about the possibility of them coming down to preform in Szeged. He said they'd love to it really just depended on us. for one reason or another we weren't able to make any progress.
   about a month ago Mark called to let me know they will be preforming in a city about 100km from us in December & if we'd still like them to come. I said yes & myself & the church elders began looking for venues in Szeged that would accommodate the performance of the 90 person "travel choir" (the actual size of the choir is 200+) after looking at a couple places the Lord set things up with a friend of mine who knows someone at the local community center. After talking with her they made us a great offer to rent a hall that can seat 600 people. 

   on December 12th, we'll be hosting the Golgota Gospel Choir ( for the first, of what I hope, to be an annual Christmas concert. 

   I, and the church elders, believe this will be a great way to get the message of the Gospel out during the Christmas season. 

  We're really pushing "word of mouth" advertising for this event as I believe it's the best advertising. God has given us free advertising in a large, local internet portal through a church member who writes for this internet paper. 

  So we're excited about lifting up the name of Jesus & seeing what He will do at this event.

  Please join with us in prayer 
   - that the hall for 600 people would pack out.
   - that those who come who don't know Jesus would come to know Him at this concert.
   - that myself & the elders would have wisdom in all the stages of the planning.

 For Jesus' fame,


p.s. if you're in Szeged & need tickets (1500Ft. per person), just shoot me an e-mail!!

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  1. Praying for your outreach to be blessed and effective. Those ticket prices aren't bad! I hope the place will be packed.