Friday, December 16, 2011

the legal state of the church in Hungary

tonight Christians here in Hungary began flooding the internet (mainly Facebook) with the news that the government here in Hungary has repealed it's "religious freedom" law from this summer. The reason being is that they knew the constitutional court would strike down the law. 

According the the original law this summer there were some 30+ churches (including Calvary Chapel's here in Hungary - known here as Golgota) that the Hungarian government was going to recognize but after a late night meeting of the committee which oversaw this law that number was slashed to 14. We, Golgota Hungary, were cut from the list along with other, good Jesus loving, Bible believing churches.  

we were under the impression that we could request official recognition to remain an official church here in Hungary. The leadership of Golgota Hungary put together a team who did great work in getting everything we needed together and they submitted it to the Parliament. Right now the ruling party in Hungary (Fidesz) has a 2/3 majority and it would take a 2/3 majority to remain an official church.

we've been waiting and waiting and then the news broke today. The majority leader of the Fidesz party has said that the government wants to pass the law but with no real structural changes. meaning they will include the 14 churches that they approve but since the original law has been repealed all the work that was done by the leadership of Golgota Hungary & of many other churches will be thrown out the window because our "appeal" was on the basis of the original law of June and not this new "last minute" law that they have said they will ram through the Parliament between Christmas and New Year's. 

where does that leave Golgota here in Hungary? or any other good Jesus loving churches for that matter? I have no idea!! I do know that regardless of what this (in my opinion, incompetent) government decides we'll continue to meet to worship Jesus & study His Word, as I believe it's God who defines what a church is, not a bunch of politicians. 

this situation shows me two things. first, that too much power is NEVER a good thing. as the old saying goes, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". but more importantly, I see the spiritual side to this. God IS working in the lives of people here in Hungary and Jesus is changing people and we have to realize that Satan hates this and is doing everything he can to stop what is being accomplished for the Kingdom of God.  

whatever happens, I know it will be for the furtherance of the Gospel.

please join with me in prayer for the work of God here in Hungary.

please join with me in praying for the people of Hungary. many people see what's going on and have completely lost hope in life.  we want to bring Jesus to them as He gives real hope.

thanks for your time.


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