Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today marks my 17th anniversary of living and ministering here in Hungary. Here are 17 things I've learned (I've learned a lot more) in these years.

1. God's plans are different/better than mine

2. Mark 10:29-30 is TRUE!!

3. speaking another language has helped me see the world and the Scriptures 
    in a new light.

4. God is really, really good.

5. prayer is powerful!!!

6. I'm thankful for the advances in technology over the past 17 years that has 
    allowed for better connection with those "back home"

7. God has been faithful to take care of us (thank you to so many of you who 
    have joined with God to support us over the years)

8. serving Jesus in Szeged is an honor.

9. I've made mistakes (more than a few) but God's grace is bigger than my 

10. doing the right thing isn't always easy.

11. seeing people leave is hard.

12. now is never the time to give up!

13. on the job training has been beneficial 

14. nothing done for the kingdom of God is insignificant, no matter what you 

15. dealing with people isn't always easy but it's always worth it.

16. neither life nor ministry are meant to be done alone. 

17. sometimes you've just gotta take a "grace-filled" chance on people. 


  1. Good insights. Glad you shared them! God bless and may He give you many more years here!

  2. Praise God for 17 years and for the many more to come :D It's been a blessing being able to join you and the church out there. I hope we can make it out there again!

  3. your blog was great i,m so grateful for your blog post thanks for sharing this post.

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