Thursday, June 28, 2012

the last few months

a lot has happened the last few months it's been a GREAT blessing but not without it's hardships. 
Baptizing Gábor at our Easter service

we've seen many people in the past 6 months come to know Jesus. A couple of them wanted to express their faith in Him publically by being baptized. So on Easter Sunday we borrowed a baptismal tank from the Biblia Szól church and baptized Gábor & Anette (from Nigera). Gábor was so excited about making this public comittment to Jesus that he invited all his friends & family. they ALL came. We had our biggest Easter service ever (over 75 people). Gábor is so excited about reaching his friends for Jesus that he's starting a youth group in our church next week (July 4th). We're really excited about how God is going to use this to reach a generation that SO needs to meet Jesus.
Church lunch made by the Indian believers

We've been encouraging fellowship in the church by having church lunches once a month. because we're an international church we invite people to take part in making some food from their country. we've had Nigerian food & Indian food recently. 
As an international church we really have a vision to reach nations and generation for Jesus. many come here to study (mostly medical school) and I tell our students that I want them to leave Szeged with a diploma and a heart to love and serve Jesus wherever they might end up in life. 
Baptizing Réka to the glory of God in the Tisza river
God kept working & touching people's lives so on June 17th we had "church by the river" again and were blessed to baptize 5 new believers. I think one of the best stories was that of Réka. A couple of years ago her husband Robi got right with Jesus and has been coming to the church faithfully and has begun taking part in the worship team. After attending a marriage conference at the Calvary Chapel Bible College this spring she has committed her life to Jesus and they are now living the Christian life as a new family in the Lord.

Robi & Réka after her baptism

Baptizing Eszter
Eszter fully committed her life to Jesus after seeing her mom (Zsuzsi) walk with Jesus for a while. It was our great joy to see this young woman make a public confession of Jesus by baptism. 

Eszter's mom couldn't be prouder

Ovidiu traveled 120km (75 miles) to be baptized
Ovidiu came to know Jesus via the internet by watching Bible Studies by Pastors Brian Brodersen and Lloyd Pully on He is from Timisoara, Romania and he looked on-line for the nearest Calvary Chapel to him and found us. He's about 120km (75 miles) but travels up to fellowship with us about twice a month. For his baptism he brought his parents and a friend. 
Eszter, Barna & Chuks after the baptism (a future worship team??) 
It seems that we've come to a real turning point in the church. It seems like the time of preperation is coming to an end and we're starting to see things happen. We're really excited to see what God will do with the youth group and how many of the new believers will connect to the ministry of the church.

  Another thing I'm really excited about is how bridges are being build between churches in Szeged. Since October I've been hosting a monthly pastors prayer breakfast and God is using this for use to truly be working together for the glory of God here in Szeged.

 Right now I'm preaching in the book of Nehemiah on Sunday mornings and God has us in a prayer/dreaming stage as a church. We want to have God's heart for our city and for Him to show us what He is doing so that we might get involved in that. Szeged (the 3rd largest city in Hungary) is a city of about 200,000 (including students) but less than 2% of the population are believers in Jesus. God has laid it on our hearts to be praying for 10,000 people to meet Jesus.

 As we've been praying about how to reach Szeged for Jesus, God has shown us that our strength is English. Not only are we a bi-lingual church but we have many members who are English teachers. English is the most popular second language here in Hungary and now students can't get their degree without an intermediate level language exam. Our desire is to host an English camp next summer. This summer we're going to have some people participate in English camps to learn and then in the fall we're going to plan our first English cam for next summer. If anyone wants to come help with that PLEASE let me know!!! the more native English speakers we have the better.

family news

 as a family we're doing well. Zara was accepted to the only Christian kindergarten in Szeged and will start going there in September. Because we're not going to be able to make a trip to the states this year I'm taking a few weeks off of preaching just to spend time with the family. We're looking forward to all the fun things that Szeged has to offer and a lot of ice cream!!! 

 I know I'm really bad about blogging but I think the best way to keep up with us is to follow us on Facebook or follow me on twitter (@kyleeckhart)

 we are thankful for all of you who support us in prayer and also financially. as many of you know I've been teaching English to supplement our income (which I'm thankful for) but as of late God has shown me that there are better thing I could be doing with my time than teaching. There are some pastors within a 120km (75 mile) radius that I could and should be spending time with and encouraging. But for this to happen we'd need to see an increase in our support. So if you're reading this would you please pray about supporting us so that we could be encouragments to other ministries in Szeged and the surrounding areas?? You can support us by the link on our page here or by sening tax-deductible donations to Calvary Chapel Vista. Please indicate that the donation is for us.

prayer requests

- for God to bless the youth group that will be starting next week and that many would come to know Jesus through this.
 - that we as a church would be able to have more of an impact on our city for Jesus.
 - for God to guide us in the planning of an English camp next summer.
 - that 10,000 people would come to know Jesus in Szeged.
 - that God would continue to build bridges between churches in Szeged that we might work together to expand the kingdom of God.
 - that God would provide for us so that we would be able to do all that He is showing us to do.
 - that we'd grow closer as a family this summer.

 thank you all for your love, prayer and support. we look forward to that day when you can share in the joy and fruit of what Jesus is doing here in Szeged!

for Jesus' fame!

kyle, odi, zara, kiera


  1. Wow Kyle, that sounds great, and somehow answers for our prayer. We have a young guy from our youth group who is moving to Szeged, and this is God's perfect plan that you are strating a youth group too. When are you starting?
    God bless your ministry.

    1. Hey Detti, thanks for reading! Please let me know when this guy comes over and we'll get him plugged in. The youth group starts next Wednesday.

  2. It's so good to read the good news! I am really glad. We miss you and praying for you.
    Gabor and Anna