Friday, August 22, 2014

als ice bucket challenge

this last week I unexpectedly saw my name tagged in a post on Facebook by my long-time friend Jeremy Foster. Turns out he was challenged to take the ALS ice bucket challenge. I had seen this thing go viral but really didn't pay any attention to it until I was called out. After looking into this, I accepted Jeremy's challenge. now, according to the rules of the challenge, I did make a donation. 

since then, I've seen quite a few Christians who've been posting blogs & articles about why they won't participate in this because the ALS Association supports embryonic stem cell research. This has outraged Christians & pro-life groups. After looking into this a little more and reading about how a Catholic diocese discourages participation, a spokesperson for the ALS confirmed that the ALS does fund one study involving embryonic stem cells using money from one specific donor.

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what I read from this is that money raise from the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" doesn't go to support research involving embryonic stem cells. 

so my question is, "why are Christians making such a big issue out of this?" Really, I don't understand. I think this is drawing attention to a cause that affects many people. 

this leads me to my next question. If Christians are so enraged at this, then shouldn't people be giving back their iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and stop watching Disney movies & visiting Disney parks because of their support of the homosexual community? Shouldn't people stop buying things that are produced in parts of the world where child labor is used & the Communist party rules? Or are well all content to over look these things cause they're far from home?

so my conclusion is this, I can't change the research that companies do that I don't agree with, but I can stand by those who are suffering. I can't change the policies of those companies or governments that I don't agree with, but I'm willing to use these products if they enable me & my family to live a better life and help us spread the Gospel. I'm going to continue to visit Disneyland as long as I live cause I think it's simply awesome & one of the highlights of my life was taking my kids there earlier this year. 

these are my thoughts. Feel free to disagree & share with me why!

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