Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 spring update

just a quick update about all the happenings in our lives and the ministry here in Szeged


 well, as you probably know that our family will be growing as we're expecting the birth of our second daughter in August.  Once again, life is going to change. We know with 2 little ones at home things are going to be interesting (and maybe a little crazy) but we're looking forward to this 2nd little blessing!!
 As with Zara, Odi needs to rest as much as possible but because Zara is a bundle of energy it's not so easy, but we're managing.
 I've finished my 1st year of college and hope to be able to continue to work hard to get a degree in 2013. with 2 little ones studying is going to be interesting so it'll be a lot of night work with the help of coffee!
  This summer (end of June) we'll be attending the Foundations Conference in Vajta & look forward to a week of encouragement and reconnecting with friends from all over Europe.


  by the grace of God the church is doing well and growing. not only in spiritual depth (which has really been helped by our small groups) but we're seeing more and more people come to church both Hungarians and international students.

 this last weekend we had "church by the river" and baptized 8 people. it was an amazing event for all who came to celebrate the public declaration of faith of those who were baptized. Afterwards we had a "love feast" cause everyone just brought SO much food!  One of the great things about this day was that people invited & brought guests who normally wouldn't come to church. We hope to have more times like this where non-believers would come to do life with us & hear the Word of God.
  I believe that this was a very important set for us as a church not only being out publicly as a church but also for people to catch the vision of doing life together. These pictures don't really communicate fully the blessing that day was but I hope they do somewhat.

  as summer is a little bit of a "down time" for our church (many students are gone and others are on vacation) the elders and I will be praying & talking through a lot of things for the coming school year. We want to continue to invest time & energy in small groups but we also want to plan larger events, including possibly another Golgota Gospel Choir concert in December.  We are also praying for open doors to start a Bible study in a city about 25km from Szeged.

I continue to be amazed at how God is using our church website to get the Gospel out to Hungarians all over the world.  I would like to redesign our website but I don't have that "talent" and it doesn't seem like anyone else in the church does either, so if anyone reading this can help, please let me know!

  we've decided on a one year extension of our rental agreement because our landlord won't be raising the rent because the economy is still so bad over here.  this is an answered prayer & we're excited to stay here for another year!

prayer requests

 please pray

 - that God would continue to use Golgota Szeged to get His Word out  
   to many people here in Szeged and the surrounding region.
 - that the church would continue to grow in number and in spiritual
 - that God would speak to myself and the elders about His vision for the church for the next school year.
 - that God would bless Odi with strength and that the baby would go to full term
 - that God would give Odi & I the grace and strength to adjust to being parents of 2 little ones.
 - for God's provision for both us and the church.

  thanks for your time that you read this update & we'd like to ask that you'd join with us in prayer for the work of God here in Szeged! We know that a background of prayer is vital to what God wants to do here.
 we'd also like to ask you to consider joining with us financially so that we can continue to focus on the work of the Lord and not so much on having to teach. Teaching is a blessing (in that I'm able to meet a lot of people) but I'd rather spend more time doing what God has called me to do. So please consider partnering with us financially (even the smallest amount every month helps).

  we pray for you that the Lord would bless you & cause His face to shine upon you!

 In His service,

 Kyle & Odi

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  1. Great to see what's happening there, testver! And praise the Lord for the gift of your soon-arriving daughter. Precious times!