Monday, May 23, 2011

pray without ceasing

well it's been way too long since I've blogged so here goes.

this weekend was the culmination of the 10 day "Szeged days" festival and as we were out walking around on Saturday morning we saw a large crowd of people in front of city hall for a big event with traditional music, dance and a speech from the mayor. As I was listening to it all, God just moved on my heart that I need to be praying more for Szeged. I've been reminded of the power of prayer in two books I've read in the past 8 months, Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret & Charles H. Suprgeon, a Biography. It was through much prayer that God used both of these men mightily to touch the world for Jesus.  So I began praying. On Saturday as I was walking, I just prayed for people, for the city, the mayor, that God would move upon their hearts & that they would come to know Him.

 well an interesting thing happened. Saturday evening I got an e-mail from a friend who is pastoring a church in London & he told me that he just got done sharing the gospel with a guy from Szeged! Since they guy's English wasn't so good, my friend asked if I could help with some translation if necessary. Of course I would!

 this was an amazing encouragement for me that God does want to work in Szeged and bring people to salvation.

 so I'd like to ask if you'd just join with me in prayer for the wonderful city of Szeged??

 pray for....

  . many to come to know Jesus
  . wisdom for our city officials & that they would come to know Jesus
  . that Jesus would be glorified in all the churches in Szeged

 thank you!

 praying for you as you read this!


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