Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 winter news

Dear Friends,

  it has been a while since we've written about what's happening in our lives & the ministry here in Szeged. Part of the reason has been the tragedy that struck our family this winter. Odi's 11-year old sister was diagnosed with leukemia on December 11th and moved home to be with Jesus on January 16th. As you can imagine it's been a very difficult time for us. we created a blog to inform people about Emi's battle and we know that God has used this blog ( in a great way in that many people from all over the world turned to God in prayer for Odi's sister. Ultimately we know & have been assured by many testimonies that Emi is now with Jesus and is healed. 

 it's been over 3 years now since we've been to the States and we'd really like to go this summer but as we've looked into plane tickets we've seen how expensive it's going to be with 2 kids (upwards of $4000). We feel it's time for us to go back and reconnect with many of you, so we'd like to ask if you'd prayer fully consider giving to help make this trip happen. (there will be 2 links below if you'd like to give)

 as I've shared in the past, I've been spending more time encouraging other pastors and leaders in our church and our region, which I hope has been a blessing. this has come at a financial expense as I've given up teaching private English lessons to do so. We know that finances are tight for many people right now and there are many requests for funding, we'd like to ask if you'd prayerfully consider committing to a monthly donation of $20 to us for 2013. This will allow us to minister to others in a way in which we feel will be beneficial for the Kingdom in Szeged & our region. 

 I'm pleased to report that this is my last semester at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe and if all goes well in a couple of months I'll be receiving my BA in Theology. All I've got left to do is to write my thesis. I've selected the topic of "Biblical leadership: lessons from Nehemiah". I've got till the end of March to submit my first draft. So we're hoping for the best. Having a degree means a lot to people here in Hungary, especially here in Szeged which has a very good University and is know for academics. 


 the church here in Szeged continues to do well as we are witnessing God bringing growth in numbers and in depth. because of this we're again at the point where we need to make a decision about our rental agreement, which ends June 30th. More room would give us more room to grow and we're also needing more room for the kids on Sundays as we've got little ones & bigger ones and it's hard to keep them in one group.

 we're really excited about some new opportunities that we have as a church. the first is that we've started a YouTube channel ( and have begun uploading our church services there. So far we've had really good and positive feedback and are excited about how this could be used to expand God's Kingdom and the teaching of God's Word here in Hungary. 

 another great opportunity we have is a church is to plant a church in a city 25km from Szeged called Hódmezővásárhely (yes it's hard to say!). We've been praying for the city for a couple of years now for a couple of reasons. First, it's close to Szeged & the two cities are naturally connected. Second, we've always had people from Hódmezővásárhely who've attended the church in Szeged. A few weeks ago one of our elders, who is an English teacher, out of nowhere got a job teaching at a high school there & we believe that this is an open door for us to begin planting a church there. So we're looking at building a core group with which to start a church there. We're even open to streaming in the teaching via video now that we can. But this is something we'll have to think/pray about. 

I (Kyle) hope to finish going through the Bible on Wednesday nights in the next year. To the best of our knowledge this will be the first complete through the Bible teaching available in Hungarian for free online. It has taken a while but we know that over the years many people in Hungary & Hungarians from all over the world have listened to the studies and have been blessed. 

 If you'd like to have more frequent updates about our lives and ministry here in Szeged here are how you can do so...

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 prayer requests

 - that we'd continue to experience the comfort of the Lord and that we'd be 
   able to comfort others in their suffering.
 - that God would provide for our family to go to the States this summer for 
   refreshment & reconnection.
 - for the new church plant in Hódmezővásárhely
 - for continued growth in the church here in Szeged.
 - wisdom in regards to our rental agreement.

 If you'd like to support our ministry monthly or a one time gift you can do so through the following websites...

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 here you need to designate your offering to "missions" and in then in the note please say that it's for us.

 thank you all so much for your prayers, love & support. We know that Jesus will richly reward you all as you take part in the ministry with us.

 we hope to see many of you this summer.

 for Jesus' Kingdom!

 kyle, odi, zara, kiera

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