Friday, April 12, 2013

prayer isn't always the answer

I've recently finished writing my Thesis for college and hopefully will be able to successful defend it next month. But the process of writing has brought me to a point where I believe God is leading to share my thoughts about life through this medium.

So I'm going to make an effort to at least once a week write a post with my thoughts on certain things.

If it's encouraging to you, great! If you want to debate what I think, that's fine too. If you want to stop right here & leave this page. That's fine with me too. If you stick around an read I hope you'll be encouraged.

here is my first post about prayer:

I know you might think I'm crazy to say that prayer isn't always the answer but please let me explain. Over many years of ministry and working with people there is one thing I've learned about people. When they say that "I'll pray for you" what they are really saying is that "I hear your problem but I really don't care enough to do anything about it". That may sound harsh but this is the truth that I've encountered & sadly I must admit have expressed towards people.

When I look at the life of Jesus, I do see Him as a man devoted to prayer. So we SHOULD be praying, but whenever people came to Jesus with a physical need, He never said to them, "I'll pray for you." 

In Luke 5:12-16, when a leper came to Jesus seeking healing from his dreadful condition, Jesus' response wasn't "I'll pray for you", it was that Jesus "stretched out His hand and touched him" (v.13). The lesson here is obvious yet it's not a one time incident. We see this happening over and over in the ministry of our Lord Jesus.

I believe the lesson here is pretty obvious, if we, as followers of Jesus want to see real change in the lives of people we need to stop telling them that we'll "pray for them" but reach into their lives (which might get ugly and difficult) and be God's tool to bring about change in their lives.

So it's time to take inventory of our lives and our surroundings. Who are those people who are hurting? Who are those people who are in need? Who are those people who have problems and we've committed to pray for them? I would suggest that now is the time to stop praying for people and being to actually DO something to help meet their needs. What we see over and over again in the Gospels is that when people's physical needs are met then so too are their spiritual needs.

 Follower of Jesus, let me challenge you to stop praying so much & start actually being who you are, the hands, feet & heart of Jesus in the world. Yes, we need to pray but we mustn't stop there. Our praying for people should lead us to action to bring change in the lives of people that they might come to know Jesus.

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