Tuesday, October 14, 2014

thrown for a curve

as everyone knows, life doesn't always work out the way we want. In times like this we say that "life has thrown us for a curve". Well, life has thrown our family for a curve. As many of you might know, Odi has scoliosis. It's something that runs in her family. Her father has it, as do her siblings. Though many people say that Zara and Kiera look like me, I'm glad they've inherited their Mom's beauty.
While I'm very happy for that, we've always hoped that this is curvature of the spine is the one gene that our kids wouldn't inherit. 

unfortunately, this is not the case. In late August, Odi showed me a difference in the symmetry of Zara's back. We called our pediatrician and were referred to a specialist. Tonight, I took the girls to see the specialist. He confirmed what we saw, that Zara does have a curvature in her spine. It's similar to the curvature in Odi's (upper spine). Since we were there, I asked the doctor to look at Kiera. He said that she has some curvature in her lower spine. 

even though we were expecting this, it still weighs heavy on our hearts. 

so what now? the doctor wants to do an x-ray on Zara to confirm the degree of the curvature in her spine. After that, he will prescribe physical therapy & swimming therapy for her. With Kiera it's a little more unclear outside of physical therapy. 

we'd like to ask you, if you're reading this, to pray for us, but especially for Zara & Kiera. Please pray that God would give us wisdom moving forward with treatment for our kids and that God would heal them of this, if that is His will. 

thank you for joining with us!

kyle & odi


  1. praying for you all! God wants to show you something and form you just as HE planned you to be, unbelievably strong, and only depending on HIS never ending care and love! I do believe HE hears all of your prayers and whispers of your hearts :) stay strong! God is with you!!!!!

  2. God is good and everything happens for a reason! #keepOnPraying -lw-

  3. Is there anything too difficult for our God to do? Absolutely not. our God is still in the business of turning water into wine, making dry bones become flesh, making the blind see, and said a dead girl was sleeping and brought her back to life. So I join your family and cast this worries at he's feet(as he instructed) , I nail the worries at Calvary where he died and paid the price and said it is finished. Restoration is the portion of your daughters today cos the greatest physician is involved and he will defy all medicine, results, genetics for ur sake. You agreed and prayed with your wife you didn't want this for your children so we refuse it in Jesus name and we are expectant of the same God of old and miracles we read in he's word to come to pass here.we are not moved by what we see or hear. He is the God of Ephesians 3:20. It is well with your family. Hold your peace and see that he is God. Laura

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