Sunday, December 28, 2014

a great joy at church today

today was a joyous day at church. Gábor Gulyás taught the our Sunday morning service. Gábor became a Christian at our church about 10 years ago. He came to church through a girl, Anna, who, in 2008, would become his wife. Because of a job opportunity he moved to the north eastern region of Hungary many years ago. At the time we weren't happy to see Gábor leave but little did we know that God had a great plan when Gábor left. Since Gábor left Szeged he has become the pastor of Golgota Nyíregyháza.  

Gábor is just one of the many who have come through Golgota Szeged in the last 14 1/2 years that I've pastored this church. He is the 2nd guy who has gone out from our church to become a pastor of a Golgota church here in Hungary.

 He, along with countless others, who have come & gone at Golgota Szeged, are my crown & joy as Paul talked about in Philippians 4, because I know that so many are serving Jesus all over the world after their time here in Szeged.

 He taught a wonderful message this morning from Mark 5 about the woman who had a flow of blood from 12 years but how Jesus made her whole, please take 45 minutes to listen to this great message.

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