Monday, August 24, 2009

home sweet home

so we were supposed to go to BP for a week of R&R at a timeshare hotel. well when we got to the hotel it turns out that the people who gave us the week messed something up with this particular week and the hotel had no knowledge of the booking. they couldn't do anything and the people who gave us the week are on holiday in Spian. so we had no place to go but had to stay in BP cause I was teaching in the Dél-pest (south BP) Calvary on Sunday. thankfully some of our friends took us in for the night! we went to church on Sunday, I taught for Laci Németh (he said I made history as the first guest teacher of Calvary Dél-pest), then spent some time with him & his family (went to see Lotti in the hospital) and now we're home. we're both kind of glad to be home, there are always things to do here in preparation of the baby's arrival. so it was an adventure but it's always best but "home sweet home"

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