Tuesday, September 17, 2013

some thoughts on missions and money

As a Christian, we like talking about one of these two things, the other is a "personal" matter and we don't want anyone telling us what to do.

obviously a Christian should be excited in the idea of missions. Mission is simply continuing the work of God on the earth by the power of the Holy Spirit. It's taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to people who don't yet know Him. God's mission through His people begins in the book of Acts and continues to this very day. The Apostle Peter tells us that Christians are a, "royal priesthood" (1 Peter 2:9). This means that every single Christian should seek to be on mission for Jesus wherever He might have them (school, work, neighborhood, etc.)

But I want to talk about those people who, when they do their tax returns write "missionary" in the occupation line. I've been honored to write that on my tax return for the past 18 years. By the grace of God I hope to continue to write that as my occupation. I truly believe I've got the best job in the world. In my many years as a missionary, and more recently in my travels to visit other pastor/missionaries and my conversations with many, there is a subject that is on everyone's mind and hearts but it seems that so many are afraid to talk about it cause it seems so "unspiritual", and that's money. Now, if the Bible never spoke about money and if Jesus didn't teach so much about money I'd understand, but the Bible talks about money, wealth and possessions hundreds of times. Many of Jesus' parables dealt with the subject of money & possessions. So obviously it's important. 

For some reason it's just understood that missionaries are to be poor because they are to "live by faith". I've even heard missionaries say that pastors who came to visit them made comments like "man this is a nice car you're driving (even if second hand), looks like you don't need our support". My question is, why is it required of missionaries to be the only ones who "live by faith"? Now don't misunderstand me, I know times are difficult for everyone. I just want to help you, the reader, understand the situation a lot of missionaries are in. Many are living on far less than what they planned or budgeted for. This means not being able to buy a reliable car, take a family vacation, and not being able to go back to America to visit family, friends, and supporting churches for years. 

Many missionaries have, are, or are considering working a part-time job outside of the church just to make these things possible for their families. The only problem is, that it's so hard for people who are expected to do one thing (serve the church full-time) to have to choose to work a part-time job to give their families what others take for granted. 

For those of you (churches or individuals) who are regularly supporting missionaries THANK YOU!!! Your generosity is changing the lives of people all around the world.

For those of you who are reading this and know people who are missionaries, can I please ask you to consider joining in the work they are doing by supporting them financially? Now, let me say I'm not asking you to fork out hundreds of dollars a month towards missions (but if you can go for it!!!). I'd like to ask you, if you're an individual, to consider supporting a missionary you know $20 a month. I know we have a few people who support us like this and it means a lot!! It could mean a meal out for a couple, it could mean them being able to buy their kids the hygiene products their kids need for kindergarten, or just being able to put gas in the tank. If you're a church leader, would you consider supporting a missionary you know up to $100 a month. Many missionaries live month to month with no emergency fund or savings. It's not due to a lack of effort, it's due to a simple lack of funds. 

Now I know what you're thinking, I'm writing this to try to raise support. That is not my intent but if you know us and want to support us financially then we'd greatly appreciate that because we struggle with some of the things I've mentioned. But my desire in writing this is that you'd take a few minutes to consider those people you know serving the Lord all over the world and think about helping them serve the Lord in that freedom that they so desire.

If you'd like to support us financially there are a couple of ways you can do that. You can send your support for us to…

          Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa 

  • Calvary Chapel Vista

  • If you are a church and would like to send your support directly to us, then please contact us at kyleodi@gmail.com for more information.

In the name of all those I know who are serving our Lord and can continue to do so because of YOUR generosity, let me once again say THANK YOU!!!


  1. Another hard part about income from missions is the unreliability of that income. When a support check comes in two months late, it might be the same amount to the person sending it, but I have to pay late fees and deal with a bad witness to my creditors/services in the community I am trying to reach because I couldn't pay on time.

    1. Anonymous, that is a good point. thanks for sharing it!