Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 fall update

Dear Friends,

we hope you all had a great summer. let us share with you some of the happenings in our life & ministry here in Szeged.

family news

We were blessed to take part in 2 difference conferences this summer. the first was Central & Eastern European Leadership Conference at the Bible College in Vajta. It was a wonderful week of encouragement & fellowship with many leaders from all over this part of the world. We were super blessed to take some leaders from Golgota Szeged with us.

In August we were blessed to be able to go to the annual Calvary Chapel Missions Conference at The Castle in Austria. Again, a real time of encouragement through the teaching & meeting some new friends who are ministering in different places around Europe & the former Soviet Union.

We had our first real medical issue with our kids. A week ago Zara had an operation to repair a hernia. She was our brave little hero throughout the operation. Thankfully Odi was able to take her to the Children's Clinic in the morning & they were home in the afternoon. She is fully recovered and back in kindergarten. 

As we've said before we'd really like to make a trip back to the States next year, we're still looking at that and hope things work out for us to go.

ministry news

we had a wonderful time partnering with the Baptist church doing outreach in both Szeged & Hódmezővásárhely this summer. We continue to look forward to how God is going to use our partnership for His glory & kingdom in this region. We continue to host a monthly prayer breakfast for local church leaders & pastors. These are always great times to connect with and encourage one another.

as of late I've had a lot of teaching opportunities. Last Tuesday night I was once again invited to speak to the Baptist Youth Group. It's really a youth group for all the Christian youth here in Szeged. There were about 80-90 people in attendance. It's always great to be able to share with the next generation.

as I'm sitting down to write this I've just finished preparing a message that I'll be teaching at Calvary Budapest tomorrow evening as Pastor Phil Metzger will be out of the country. I'm truly honored to be teaching both services there tomorrow night as I talk about "the attitude of gratitude"

on October 20th I'll be teaching at Calvary Subotica. I always love being there & seeing what God is doing just right across the border from us.

On September 15th I began teaching a series through the Sermon on the Mount. This is in conjunction with the launch of 4 cell groups in 2 cities at Golgota Szeged. In our cell group meetings we're focusing on the things that are taught on Sunday mornings and discussing them more in depth.  We're hosting a group in our home and I'm co-leading it with a young man named Gábor. Gábor is a great guy & a future leader in the church and so I'm just coaching him as he leads.

On Wednesday nights we're continuing our journey through the Bible. At our current pace we hope to complete the first English/Hungarian through the Bible teach (which is all available for free online) in the next 6 months!!

This is one thing that I'm really blessed to be doing is coaching / encouraging leaders. Myself & the leaders of Gologta Szeged are getting together on a regular basis to talk about leadership as we're going through the great book "Spiritual Leadership" by Oswald Sanders together.  I'm also blessed to spend time with other pastors in our region & others on Skype. I know that these guys have been blessed by our time together too.

The elders of the church & I agreed that we need a little more direction and oversight in the worship ministry thus we've appointed Odi as the worship coordinator. She is now responsible for organizing the worship schedule and for implementing vision and new songs. Odi has the time, vision, and passion for this so it's a great fit. We're really excited about the changes that are happening in the worship ministry.

Later this month we'll be hosting a 10-day outreach team from the Bible College in Vajta. 7 people will be coming to minister with us. We've got opportunities for them to go into schools for conversational English lessons at schools in both Szeged & Hódmezővásárhely. We're excited to see what the Lord does during these 10 days.

One thing I've been encouraged to do by a couple people is to share some of the things I've learned over the years by writing. So recently I've been sharing my thoughts on different subjects & posting them on our blog here. Some of the posts are in both English & Hungarian because they are things that I'd like to communicate to our church.  So far there has been good response especially on a post I wrote a couple weeks ago with my thoughts on missions & money (http://kyleodi.blogspot.hu/2013/09/some-thoughts-on-missions-and-money.html

There is an exciting possible ministry opportunity opening up for me. should it happen I'll let you all know!

things to pray about

  • for wisdom for Odi as she is leading the worship ministry & for provision for a new guitar
  • for continued blessing upon our friendship with the other churches in Szeged
  • for the 10-day outreach from Vajta to be very fruitful
  • that God would continue to use Golgota Szeged locally and also to reach many who follow us on different social media outlets to get the Word of God to people.
  • boldness in sharing Jesus with people
  • more opportunities for ministry 
  • that God would use me to continue to encourage other ministry leaders & pastors. 
  • for God's continued provision & protection for our family
stay in touch

If you'd like to have more frequent updates about our lives and ministry here in Szeged here are how you can do so...

 Kyle's facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/kyleodi

 Kyle's twitter - @kyleeckhart -  https://twitter.com/kyleeckhart

 Golgota Szeged's facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Golgota-Szeged/136419214162

 Golgota Szeged's webpage - www.golgotaszeged.hu


we know that finances are tight and there are many requests for funding, we'd like to ask once again if you'd prayerfully consider committing to a monthly donation of $20 to support us so that we can continue to minister in ways which we feel will be beneficial for the Kingdom of God in Szeged & our region.

If you'd like to support our ministry monthly or a one time gift you can do so through the following websites...

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 here you need to designate your offering to "missions" and in then in the note please say that it's for us.

Thank you!!

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